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Caen Sample 2.67 Routing questions

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Caen Sample 2.67 Routing questions

PostSat Mar 25, 2023 6:59 pm

Hello everyone!
I just set up my Caen Sampleset and I'm actually not sure if everything is working right - I was looking for answers quite a while but did not found theses specific questions somewhere. So maybe you guys could help me out:

1) The new version has got a Mixer with sliders for Front, Rrear, Blower and Tracker sound volume. Since it is a 4-Channel Surround Sampleset I send the "Front" Samples to my front speakers and the "Rear" Samples to my rear speakers. After having finished the routing configuration I recognized, that in my case the sliders for Front / Rear now do only affect the volume of the front and rear channel - there is no change of "perspective" somehow. Only the volume... Is that correct (which I can't believe acutally) or is there a special routing for this Sampleset with its sliders?

2) Has anyone compared loading the set "simulated dry" with impulse reverb vs. surround "out-of-the-box"?

3) There are split ranks (L/R) and I loaded them as "Mono". Is any further action necessary (like routing "left ranks" to my left front speaker")?

Thanks for your help!



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Re: Caen Sample 2.67 Routing questions

PostSat Mar 25, 2023 7:21 pm

1) Your routing Front to front and Rear to rear is the normal way. I'm not sure why sliding the volume of Front higher and/or Rear lower is any different from moving the listening perspective closer to the front. That's how all variable perspective samplesets vary the perspective, although some will tether the volumes of two perspectives together on one slider, like SP's Direct/Diffuse slider on some 6 channel organs. Variable perspective is just relative volume control between the recorded mic positions.

2) Yes, I tried Front with releases truncated and Caen IRs from SP. Much less convincing than sampled releases, as Jiri says on the SP web site when suggesting you don't buy Caen Dry to add reverb instead of buying Surround. IRs replace all the different pipe source positions and their detailed reflections with much less information -- one source position per division in this case as if the entire GO is in one spot -- and it just sounds simulated and electronic by comparison, like some unnamed digital organ...

3) Nope, that's all you have to do. Your L and R ranks go to the correct speakers automatically.

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